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Bureau of Facility Standards
for People with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID)

IL#:                 Issue Date:   Title:
         10/17/2000    ICF/MR Bed Cap Procedures

                                        2000-14 Attachment

2001-02          01/26/2001    Appendix Q:  Guidelines for Determining Immediate Jeopardy
To all ASCs, ESRDs, HHA, Hospice, Hospitals, ICFs/MR, LTC, RHC, & OPTSP

2001-11         10/31/2001    Transfilling of Small Portable Liquid Oxygen Units
All NFs, Hospitals, RaLFs, ASCs, ICFs/MR

2002-02         02/11/2002    Section 66-405, Idaho Code, Regarding Treatment and Care of Residents
                                                with Developmental  Disabilities
All SNF’s & ICF/MR’s

2002-07         04/01/2002   Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Registry and Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation
                                               Program (NATCEP) Address and Phone Number Update
All Licensed Facilities and Providers
                                       All nurse Aide Training Program Directors
                                       All Nurse Aide Testing Site Coordinators

2002-15         07/23/2002   Reporting Resident-to-Resident Contact

2004-06         03/30/2004   Procedures in the Event of a Fire in a Medicare- or Medicaid-Certified Health Care Facility
All Nursing Facilities, RHCs, ICF/MRs, ESRDs, CAHs, Hospitals, ASCs, & OPT/SPs

2004-07         06/22/2004  Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers
                                      All Idaho Hospitals and Nursing Facilities

2004-16         12/03/2004  Clarification of Survey Agency Responsibilities in Obtaining Information for Civil Rights Clearances
                                              for Initial Certifications and Change of Ownerships (CHOW)
                                      All Hospitals, All Critical Access Hospitals in Idaho

                                      2004-16 Attachment

2005-03         05/02/2005   Idaho Food Code
                                       All Idaho Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Residential Care or Assisted Living Facilities

2007-02         01/29/2007   ICF/MR Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Process

2007-04         04/23/2007  ICF/MR Life Safety Code Surveys and On-Site Retention

2007-05         04/25/2007  Clarification of Provider Number Nomenclature
                                       All Nursing Facilities, RHCs, ICF/MRs, ESRDs, CAHs, Hospitals, ASCs, & OPT/SPs

2007-07         09/14/2007  Delivering of Nursing Services in Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation

2008-01         03/19/2008  Delivery of Nursing Services in ICFs/MR

2010-01         05/11/2010  Hospice Care in Medicare- and Medicaid- Certified Facilities ~ Nursing Homes
                                      Skilled Nursing Facilities/Nursing Facilities (SNF/NF’s)
                                      Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation
                                      Hospice Agencies

2010-04         06/23/2010  Idaho Diet Manual, 10th Edition
                                              All NF’s, Hospitals, & ICFs/MR

2010-06         07/22/2010  Sprinkler System Alert
                                              All ICFs/MR

2011-02        06/30/2011  Updated NFPA Alert Regarding Antifreeze –Important Safety Information Regarding Antifreeze in New and Existing Sprinkler Systems
                                     All Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, ASCs, ESRDs, and ICFs/ID

2011-03        08/10/2011 Use of Video Cameras in ICFs/MR