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October 18, 2018


1305 HD Coordinator Home Page
About Establishing Legal Fatherhood
About IBL
About IDHW
About Us
About WIC
Access ATR Services
Access to Recovery (ATR)
Add another benefit service
Administratively Necessary Days
Adoption/Foster Care Home
Adult Care
Adult DD Care Management
Adult DD Information for Providers
Adult Mental Health
Adult PKU Application
AEMT Resources
Aged, Blind and Disabled
Agency WITS Administrator (AWA)
Ambulance Services
Apply for Assistance
Apply for services
Apply for WIC
Approved Medical Foods List
Assisted Living
Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent
Bed Bugs
Behavioral Health Integration Workgroup
Behavioral Health Planning Council
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety
Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Certificates
Blackfoot Offices
Blood Pressure Sights and Sounds Video
Blood Pressure Toolkit
Board of H&W
Boise (Westgate) Office
Breast and Cervical Cancer
Building a Healthy Foundation
Burley Office
Caldwell Office
WITS Mental Health Training Calendar
WITS Substance Use Training
Carbon Monoxide
Cash Assistance
Cash Assistance for Families
Certified Family Homes
Certified Family Homes
Certified Nursing Assistants
Child Protection Contact Phone Numbers
Child Support and Other State Agencies
Child Support Orders
Child Support Services
Child Welfare Standards
Childcare - Request an IRIS Account
Childcare Requirements
Children's DD Information for Providers
Children's DD Services
Children's Environmental Health
Children's Healthcare Improvement Collaboration
Children's Mental Health
Childrens Residential Licensing
Children's Residential Licensing
Children's Special Health Program
Chiropratic Services
Clinical Quality Measures Workgroup
Coeur d'Alene Offices
Collaborating for Health Conference
Community Health EMS
Community Health EMS
Community Health Workers
Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
Contact Us
Special At-Risk Populations in Idaho
Create a Payment Account
Credit Reporting
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Criminal History Background Checks
Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs)
CSHP Application Process
Dental Services
Detailed Pathogen Information
Developmental Disabilities
DHW Surveys
Diabetes Alliance of Idaho
Diabetes Home Page
Diseases & Conditions
Diseases and Conditions
Drinking Water Certification
Drug Utilization Review
Medicare-Medicaid Coordinated Plan
Durable Medical Equipment
Early Childhood Info
Earthquake Preparedness
Ebola Home
Education and Training Opportunities
Electronic Health Records
Electronic Payment Instructions
Emergency Medical Services Home
Emergency Responders
Employee Benefits
EMS Bureau Contact Information
EMS for Children
EMT Resources
Enforce an Order
Environmental Health
Environmental Health Assessments/ Consultations
Establish Legal Fatherhood
Expedited Partner Therapy
Facility Standards
Fall Prevention
Family Planning
Family-Directed Services
Filing Liens
Fire Safety & Construction
Fire Safety & Construction
Fire Safety & Construction
First Responders Guide
Fish Advisories
Fit and Fall Proof™
Flu Shot Information
Food Protection
Food Stamps
Foster/Adoptive Parent Resources
Fraud - Report Public Assistance Fraud
Free Medical Clinic Information
Garnishing Accounts
Gastrointestinal Illness Toolbox
Genetic Condition Information
Genetic Laboratory Testing
Genetic Testing
Genetic/Metabolic Services
Get an Order
Get Help Managing Diabetes
Grangeville Offices
Harmful Algal Blooms
HCV Screening Project
HEAL Idaho
Health Alert Network (HAN)
Health Care Access & Physician Incentive Program
Health Care Transition to Adulthood
Health Coverage Applications
Health Coverage Assistance
Health Partners
Health Statistics
Healthcare Provider - Request an IRIS Account
Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Workers
Healthy Child Care
Healthy Connections
Healthy Schools
Healthy Worksites
Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention
WITS Help Desk
About the WITS Help Desk
Hepatitis A Info
Hepatitis Advisory Council
Hepatitis B Info
Hepatitis C Info
Hepatitis Prevention
HIT Workgroup
HIV Care
HIV Prevention
HIV, STD, & Hepatitis Programs
Holiday Food Safety
Home and Community Based Settings: Final Rule
Home Health
Home Visiting Locations in Idaho
Hospice Services
Housing and Living Supports
Hunter Health
ICCP State Plan
ICWA Standard
Idaho Crisis Centers
Idaho Disease Bulletin
Idaho Expanded Access Program
Idaho Falls Offices
Idaho Food Code
Idaho Food Safety Manual
Idaho Health Plan for Children
Idaho Hepatitis News
Idaho Home Choice
Idaho Medical Home Collaborative
Idaho Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN)
Idaho Resource Map
Idaho Resource Map
Idaho Sound Beginnings
Idaho STD Stats
Idaho Supreme Court
Idaho Tobacco Project
Idaho Wellness Guide
Idaho WITS Home
Idaho WITS User Group (IWUG)
Idaho Youth Treatment Program
Idaho Youth Treatment Program (IYTP)
IHC Membership Area
Immunization Recommendations and Schedules
Immunization Records
Immunization Schedules
Immunization Videos
Income Withholding
Income Withholding Orders
Independent Living Program
Indian Child Welfare Act
Indoor Environment
Infant Toddler Program eManual
Information and Resources for Parents
Information and Resources for Youth
Information for Healthcare Providers
Information for Parents & Families
Information for Schools and Childcare
Injury Prevention
INSPIRE! Workplace Wellness
Intercepting Federal Tax Refunds
Intercepting Lottery Winnings
Intercepting PERSI Retirement Benefits
Intercepting State Tax Refunds
Interstate Foster/Adoptive Placements
Access to Recovery
ATR Provider Information
J-1 Visa Waiver/National Interest Waiver
Keeping Children Safe Panels
Kellogg Office
Lead Testing Program
Lewiston Offices
Licensing & Certification
Healthy Transportation
LMS Guidebook Training
LMS Trainer
Locate a Parent
Long Live Idaho
Home Care
Make Payments
Maternal, Infant & Early Childhood Home Visiting
Medicaid Behavioral Health Managed Care
Medicaid Fee Schedule
Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities
Medicaid Optum
Medicaid Participants
MedicAide Newsletter
Medical Care
Medical Care Advisory Committee
Medical Support
Medical Transportation
Mental Health Announcements
Mental Health Call
Methamphetamine - Clandestine Lab Cleanup
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
MIECHV for Families
MIECHV for Policy Makers
MIECHV for Providers
More About Cancer
Moscow Field Office
Motor Vehicle Crashes
Mountain Home Office
Moving out of state?
Multi-Payer Workgroup
Nampa Office
National Health Service Corps (NHSC)
National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)
Newborn Screening
Nursing Facilities
Nursing Facilities
Nursing Home Cost Assistance
Nutrition Education
Nutrition Education
Idaho Immunization Program
One Church One Child
Online IRIS Opt-Out Form
On-line Public Records Request Form
Online Welfare Fraud Reporting Form
Oral Health
P & T Committee
PanFlu Home
Paramedic Resources
Parents in Other States
Passport Denials
Payette Office
PCMH Guides
Peer Specialists & Family Support Partners
Peer Specialists and Family Support Partners
Personal Assistance Oversight Committee
Pertussis Information
Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee
Phenylketonuria (PKU)
Physical Activity
Physician Careers
Physician Commission
Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST)
Pocatello Offices
Population Health Workgroup
Pregnancy Prevention
Pregnancy Risk Assessment Tracking System
Pregnancy, Abortion & Parenting/Adoption Resources
Pregnant Women
Prescription Drug Providers
Prescription Drug Providers
Prescription Drugs
Preston Office
Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Preventive Health Assistance
Medicaid Providers
Public Health Meaningful Use Reporting
Public Records Request
Rabies Information
Rate Awards & Immunization Champions
Ready Idaho
Reasonable Cost Calculator
Receive Payments
Recovery Coaching
Recovery Coaching
Regional Collaboratives
Renew your benefits
Reportable Disease List
Reset IRIS Password
Residential Care or Assisted Living
WITS User Guides
Resources for Parents & Caregivers
Rexburg Office
Rural Health and Primary Care
Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Certification
RWI Prevention Media Campaign
Safe Haven
Salmon Offices
Sandpoint-Ponderay Office
School - Request an IRIS Account
School and Childcare Requirements
School and Childcare Training Opportunities
School Requirements
School-Based Services
Seasonal Influenza (Flu)
Service Coordination for Children
Services for Partners
Sexual Violence Prevention
Sexual Violence Prevention Reports
Situation in Japan: Idaho Update
Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program (SHIP)
State & Federal Programs
State Communications
State Healthcare Innovation Plan
State Hospitals
State Only Programs
STD & HIV/AIDS Statistics
STD Factsheets
STD Prevention
Substance Use Disorders
Suicide Prevention Program
Suicide: Idaho Council on Suicide Prevention
Support and Payments
Suspending Licenses
Telehealth Council
Therapy Services
Tobacco Permits
Tobacco Prevention and Control
Tribal Contacts
Tuberculosis Forms
Twin Falls Offices
Using your benefits
Using your EBT card
Using your Medicaid card
Vaccination Info
Vaccine Bin & Label Order Form
Vaccine Preventable Diseases
VFC Provider Information
Vibrio parahaemolyticus
Vital Records
Vital Records and Health Statistics
Vital Statistics
Waterborne Illness
Well Water
West Nile Virus
Where to Get Immunized
Why Immunize?
Wildfire Smoke
Withholding Federal Benefits/Retirement Accounts
WITS Forms
WITS Forms
WITS Partner Portal
WITS User Guides
Women, Infants and Children
Women's Health Check
Yellow Fever
Jeff D Implementation
Youth Wellness