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November 17, 2017

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

In an effort to decrease teen pregnancies in Idaho, the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) program aims to provide youth and their parents/caregivers with access to sexual health education. Studies find that sexual health education helps teens delay sexual activity, use condoms and birth A group of teenagers smilingcontrol correctly, avoid sexually transmitted infections, and prevent pregnancy.

Unplanned teen pregnancies cost Idaho taxpayers approximately 39 million dollars a year in Medicaid, foster care, and incarceration. These figures are not surprising given that children born from teen pregnancies often have poor mental and physical health compared to children born from planned adult pregnancies.

For more information, please visit the Idaho Teen Pregnancy website or call (208) 334-6600.


Wise Guys Subgrant Solicitation

The goals of this plan are to provide adolescents with evidence-based curricula and resources to improve their sexual health. Wise Guys: Male Responsibility Curriculum© is an evidence-informed curriculum designed to engage males in the prevention of adolescent pregnancies. The 10-lesson curriculum was created by the Family Life Council of Greater Greensboro and was developed as a male involvement tool to engage young males, ages 10–24, in pregnancy prevention efforts. The Wise Guys curriculum has been adapted to include the topic of statutory rape along with elements of Positive Youth Development (PYD). TANF guidelines also require that funds be used to conduct a presentation designed to reach state and local law enforcement officials, the education system, or relevant counseling services to provide education and training on the topic of statutory rape.

If you are interested in this solicitation, please read the guidance and complete the application by following the links below.

Wise Guys Solicitation Guidance

Wise Guys Solicitation Application