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January 17, 2019

Employment and Training Program - Overview

The Idaho Employment and Training program (E&T), operated by MAXIMUS, coordinates your needs and skills to help you achieve your professional goals. 

If you work with one of E&Ts preferred partners, you have access to additional services to help you achieve your goals. You will be assigned a career coach and will receive a copy of your work plan. If you requested additional services we will call you to schedule an appointment, or you can call us at number listed below.

We will continue to serve you throughout employment, helping to ensure success!

Need more assistance? MAXIMUS is here to help, just give us a call at 1-844-977-1600 to ask any questions or to schedule an appointment.

SNAP and the Employment & Training Program:

Food and Nutrition SNAP Benefits

SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly called Food Stamps). Eligible families get a debit-like card to use at the grocery store, farmer's markets, and other food outlets. 

Employment & Training Program

Once you receive SNAP benefits, you can receive work supports from MAXIMUS. This includes transportation assistance, specialty equipment, and interview preparation. You will also have access to your own personal career coach!

What do you do to begin the Employment and Training Program?

During your interview for SNAP benefits, your caseworker will inform you if you must participate in the Employment and Training Program. If you are not required to participate, but you would like to receive these work supports, let your caseworker know you would like to volunteer for the program. After you have been approved for SNAP, you will receive notification from Maximus. The notification will provide you with instructions for the next steps. From there, you'll receive additional information about available work supports. 

You can continue to receive supports, even after you become employed, helping to ensure success! Receiving SNAP need further assistance? MAXIMUS is here to help, give them a call at 1-844-0977-1600 to ask any questions or to schedule an appointment. 

Additional Information 

For more information regarding SNAP eligibility requirements, visit

Idaho Food Stamp Program
Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho
Cash Assistance Brochure (English)
Cash Assistance Brochure (Spanish) 
Food & Nutrition Brochure (English)
Food & Nutrition Brochure (Spanish)

SNAP  Flyer (English)

SNAP Flyer (Spanish)


Overview of Idaho Employment & Training (E&T) Program

The Idaho Employment & Training program creates multiple opportunities for participants to become self-sufficient in employment for themselves and their families. Participants have the potential to earn post-secondary credentials that employers value, while encouraging flexible and innovative instructional models that accelerate learning and transitions to employment, promote work-based education and training to help individuals earn while they learn, and make connections with other education and training systems, partner organizations, and institutions. Upon successful completion of the program, active participants obtain marketable and in-demand skills resulting in employment opportunities. 

Idaho’s E&T program is currently under contract through, and operated by MAXIMUS. MAXIMUS is responsible for administering the E&T program and engages participants in the program by using a cluster-based approach to determine the participants preferred career pathway. With MAXIMUS’ collaboration, IDHW facilitates partnerships to create sustainable pathways to employment or improved employment. 

As a partner, our goal is to provide information you need to make an informed decision about providing E&T services, self-assessing your organizations own interest, alignment, and capacity to meet program obligations.

SNAP Employment & Training Program

IDHW administers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment & Training program as authorized by the Agricultural Act of 2014. 

Idaho can mandate SNAP participants to register for work and participate in work activities to maintain their SNAP eligibility. The SNAP E&T program is an important part of a participant’s journey to self-sufficiency by providing work activities for job-driven training, tools, and access to career pathways, leading to sustainable jobs or job advancement. Comprehensive assessments and ongoing case management are keys to an effective E&T program and the State depends on partners to provide services to SNAP participants in a collaborative manner. 

50/50 Funding Program

Fill out the Self-Assessment Survey to get started today!

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Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) provides the federal funding to IDHW and has oversight authority for Idaho’s SNAP E&T program. Idaho’s E&T 50/50 Partner program leverages federal SNAP funds and acts as a pass-through entity to reimburse up to 50 percent of allowable costs to partners who provide the services to the community. This is commonly referred to as the 50/50 funding program. For partners seeking reimbursement for programs or services rendered, the program participants must be participating in Idaho’s E&T program. 

How it works

Once you’ve decided to pursue becoming one of Idaho’s partners, contact us at DHW will review services your program has to offer, identify and discuss services you provide that would be eligible for reimbursement, create and review a reimbursement budget for your company. After budget approval, a Partner Service Agreement is drafted and then signed with DHW.

Once enrolled, partners will have the tools necessary to identify their participants as SNAP recipients. The SNAP recipients are then referred to MAXIMUS, thus opening the doors to the 50/50 funding for you, the partner. In most cases, when a participant is referred to MAXIMUS, they are viewed as volunteering for the E&T program. The partner defines their own partner program requirements for the participant, which the participant must agree to and actively partake in. If the program participant receives SNAP benefits and follows partner program requirements, the 50/50 partner will receive reimbursement. Partners would then bill IDHW for the agreed service costs and be reimbursed up to 50 percent. 

Additional Information

For more information regarding SNAP eligibility requirements, visit

Example Partner Service Agreement
Partner Participants Applying for SNAP
Partner Participants Applying for SNAP (Spanish)
Partner Program Handbook
PDAP MOU Template
PDAP User Agreement Form
PDAP User Instructions
Working with SNAP Participants

Purpose of the Idaho Employment & Training Program

The Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 provides that the purpose of the Employment and Training (E&T) program is to provide SNAP participants opportunities to gain skills, training, or experience that will improve their employment prospects and reduce their reliance on SNAP benefits. It is because of YOU and the services YOU provide, in partnership with Idaho’s E&T program and MAXIMUS, that Idahoans have access to successful career pathways that pave the road to self-sufficiency and success.

As an established 50/50 Partner, MAXIMUS will be working with you to ensure customer connection and successful completion of the E&T program. 

Here are things you can expect as a 50/50 Partner:

  1. E&T 50/50 Partner training. As a partner, IDHW will provide the necessary tools to help you learn what you need to know for the program requirements. The Department will provide training processes and expectations of administering E&T programs, accessing 50/50 funding through the creation of a budget, and training on providing participant roster forms and invoices for reimbursement.

  2. Participant access to additional supportive services through MAXIMUS. Participants who are receiving SNAP benefits and working with you could be eligible for additional supports or services to ensure successful completion of the program. Examples of these services are gas vouchers, bus passes, clothing vouchers, or tools for work.

  3. Increase in program participants. As a 50/50 partner, not only will your current program participants who currently receive SNAP be eligible for reimbursement, MAXIMUS will work with you through a reverse referral process and refer participants that meet your program specifications.

Access to E&T resources. As a 50/50 partner, the Department will provide you with the tools necessary to walk you through engaging your program participants in the E&T program.

Additional Information:

Partner E&T Flyer (English)
Partner E&T Flyer (Spanish)
Partner Participant Email Template
Partner Participation Description Form
Partner Program Handbook
PDAP MOU Template
PDAP User Agreement Form
PDAP User Instructions
SNAP E&T Participant Roster
SNAP E&T Partner Invoice
SNAP Eligibility Calculator
SNAP Flyer (English)

SNAP Flyer (Spanish)

Work Plan and Activity Assessment
Working with SNAP Customers