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IMPORTANT - Monday, September 28, 2015

After reviewing questions and concerns about rule docket 16-0319-1501 which published earlier this month, the Division of Licensing and Certification has pulled that docket to give us another year to work with Certified Family Home providers and advocates on proposed changes.  I want to note that, in addition to publishing the notice of Negotiated Rulemaking meetings last Spring, we did send a “blast” email to all Certified Family Home providers announcing the meetings, and we also posted the announcement to the Department’s CFH website.  We also discussed the proposed rule changes at both the April and July Community Care Advisory Council meetings.  Despite all of the work we did to inform CFH providers about the proposed rule changes, your comments tell us that we still have more work to do.  Starting next Spring, we will again conduct Negotiated Rulemaking meetings to move forward with the changes proposed in docket 16-0319-1501.

The Division of Licensing and Certification will proceed with Docket 16-0319-1502, which proposes fee increases in order to cover the costs of operating the CFH Program.

Tamara Prisock, Administrator
Division of Licensing and Certification
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare



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