Idaho Behavioral Health Planning Council (BHPC)

The Idaho Behavioral Health Planning Council's mission is to promote advocacy, collaboration, education, and policy development to create a seamless behavioral health delivery system. The council envisions an accessible, holistic, and integrated behavioral health care system that cultivates and supports healthy lives and communities.


  • We believe prevention is key.
  • Recovery and resiliency is possible for everyone.
  • An informed system is an effective system.
  • Advocacy is all-inclusive.
  • Services should be accessible throughout a person's life.
  • Services are provided in the least restrictive environment.
  • Early intervention is cost-effective and evidence-based.
  • The system is accountable, transparent and sustainable.
  • Whole-person, whole-health.
  • Recognize the rights and responsibilities of individuals and families.


The BHPC will pursue the following body of work:

  1. Provide oversight and coordination of regional behavioral health boards. 
  2. Fulfill reporting requirements.
  3. Support the development of community crisis centers in each region.
  4. Conduct a statewide assessment of prevention programs.
  5. Assist regions in setting up children’s subcommittees.
  6. Educating legislators.
  7. Conducting an environmental scan of the readiness and capacity of the system to ultimately generate strategies to improve continuity of care. 
Name Region Type of Membership Agency or Organization Represented
Gail Baker 4 Agency/provider of services Department of Corrections (IDOC)
Liza Crook 4 Agency/provider of services Juvenile Corrections (IDJC)
Brady Ellis 4 Agency/provider of services Idaho Housing and Finance Association
Cija Luel Hauver 3 Advocacy/consumer/family Family member of a child/adolescent/transition youth mental health
Sarah Hill 4 Advocacy/consumer/family Adult with substance use disorder
Kim  Hokanson, (Chair) 7 Advocacy/consumer/family Family member of a youth mental health client
Courtney Holthus 4 Advocacy/consumer/family Disability Rights of Idaho
Rick Lee Huber 5 Advocacy/consumer/family Consumer/client/person in recovery mental health
Penny Jones (Person-at-large) 3 Advocacy/consumer/family Aging +55
Marianne King 4 Agency/provider of services Office of Drug Policy
Chelsea Lincoln 4 Advocacy/consumer/family LGBTQ Representative
Angenie McCleary 5 Agency/provider of services Counties
Renee Miner 4 Agency/provider of services Department of Education
Danielle Pere 4 Agency/provider of services DHW Division of Behavioral Health
Gene Petty 3 Agency/provider of services Judicial Branch
David Phillips 4 Advocacy/consumer/family Community Coalition
Melanie Richardson 7 Agency/provider of services Veterans
Tammy K Rubino,(Co-chair) 1 Advocacy/consumer/family Suicide survivor (self or family member)
Dr. Ryan Shackelford 4 Agency/provider of services Primary care provider
Max Sorenson 4 Agency/provider of services Vocational rehabilitation representative
Dahlia Strainer 3 Advocacy/consumer/family Hispanic representative
Jenny Teigen 2 Agency/provider of services Certified Peer Specialist (Riverside Recovery)
David Welsh 4 Agency/provider of services Medicaid
VACANT   Agency/provider of services Social services (Child Welfare, Adult Welfare)


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