Long-Term Care Provider Training

Effective training is the foundation of a personal care program. It is imperative that training provides the knowledge and skills that can improve competence and increase the quality of services delivered to participants.

Caregiver training from In the Know

The Idaho Division of Medicaid, Bureau of Long Term Care, is pleased to endorse In the Know training modules as fulfilling the requirements of the Idaho Skills Matrix for Aged and Disabled Waiver service providers.

Providers are not required to utilize the training modules, however the modules are approved by IDHW and meet all the requirements of the Skills Matrix for Attendant Care and Homemaker skills training. The provider and individual caregiver should keep a copy of the certificate of completion for each module taken.

In the Know fees

For more information on pricing and training modules please visit https://www.knowingmore.com/welcome-idaho/.

Certified family home training

To schedule a training, contact the QA coordinator at 1-208-455-7152.

New provider training

Providers for A&D Waiver/PCS are trained as needed via WebEx. Check with your local regional office for more information.

Personal care agency training

No training currently scheduled. Watch for future provider trainings.

Residential assisted living training

No training currently scheduled. Watch for future provider trainings.

Other training and education resources

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Training & Resources 

Developmental Disability Training

Other Training