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Birth, Death, Stillbirth/Miscarriage, Marriage, Divorce Certificates

The Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics issues certified copies of birth, death, stillbirth/miscarriage, marriage, and divorce records of events that occurred in the State of Idaho. The Bureau maintains birth and death certificates filed from July 1911 to the present, and marriage and divorce certificates filed from May 1947 to the present. If you need a copy of a divorce decree, please contact the county where the divorce was granted.

Information regarding obtaining records for events occurring in other states may be found at the National Center for Health Statistics

The Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics does not have a public counter. All requests for certified copies of certificates must be submitted online or through the mail.

Consumer Alert!!! There are several third-party vendors online that charge money to help customers obtain copies of Idaho vital records.  Some of these companies charge excessive and unnecessary fees for processing certificates that can only be issued by our agency. For the least expensive and fastest processing, customers should ONLY order certified copies by mail directly from the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records or our online business partner, VitalChek Network, Inc. at

How to Order a Certificate

Only the individual named on the certificate, immediate family members, their legal representative, or those who can provide documentation showing it is needed for their property right may order legally confidential certificates.  In the State of Idaho, birth certificates are legally confidential for 100 years, and death stillbirth/miscarriage, marriage, and divorce certificates are legally confidential for 50 years.

  Order Online - Fastest Processing!!


Online orders are processed through the VitalChek website. VitalChek Network, Inc. is an independent company that we have partnered with to provide credit card and online orders. All major credit cards are accepted. You may be asked to fax some identification information to VitalCheck to complete your request. Additional Fees are charged by VitalChek for using this service. 

!!!! Requests for certified copies of vital events have increased substantially due to the upcoming Real ID requirement for persons to obtain a Star Card driver’s license by October 2021 if they wish to fly commercially or enter a federal facility.  Additionally, we anticipate that the COVID-19 virus will affect staffing levels and interrupt service at times.  Thank you for your patience during this time. 

It is currently taking approximately 4-6 weeks to process a properly completed online order.  Online orders that notate and pay for express service are typically processed in 1-2 weeks.

Order by mail - Most Economical!! 

Requests for certified copies can be mailed directly to the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records. The request must contain:

  • A completed Certificate Request Form (or write a letter containing all the necessary information)
  • A photocopy of your current driver's license that shows your signature, or other acceptable identification
  • A signed check or money order, for the certificate fee, made out to Idaho Vital Records
  • Mail these three items to:

Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036

!!!! Requests for certified copies of vital events have increased substantially due to the upcoming Real ID requirement for persons to obtain a Star Card driver’s license by October 2021 if they wish to fly commercially or enter a federal facility. Additionally, we anticipate that the COVID-19 virus will affect staffing levels and interrupt service at times. Thank you for your patience during this time.

It is currently taking approximately 4-6 weeks to process a standard order that is completed properly after it is received in our office.  Mail-in orders that notate and pay for express service are typically processed in 1-2 weeks.

Although we make every effort to complete certificate orders in the time frames mentioned above, actual processing times may vary due to current workload, staffing levels, missing or incomplete application information or unresolved legal issues affecting certificates.

Incomplete orders or those with unresolved issues will take longer to process. We cannot deposit unsigned checks or money orders. If your payment is not signed or if your request is incomplete, the entire order will be returned to you. 

Checks and money orders are deposited the day after they are received in our office. If you have not received your certified copy(s) in the time frames mentioned above, please verify the date your payment was cashed by Idaho Vital Records before calling for a status update at 208-334-5980. 

Your certificate order will be mailed to you through the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS will not deliver mail from our office to the address you provide unless you are registered with them as a resident. If you prefer delivery from another carrier, please provide a postage paid self-addressed shipping envelope from the carrier of your choice. 

Any request requiring an amendment or legal action may take several weeks after the request is received and payment is accepted, depending on the volume of requests. The fee to expedite a legal action is $25.00 per event.  

All Vital Records fees may be paid with one check or money order. Please check your totals carefully. Overpayments of less than $10.00 are not refunded unless requested in writing.

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Bureau of Vital Records & Health Statistics
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID  83720-0036  

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