Assisted Care and Facilities

Assisted Care and Facilities

Individuals with disabilities have different needs. The goal of the Idaho Medicaid program is to provide the right level of care in the least restrictive setting possible and try to keep individuals with disabilities in their homes and communities whenever possible. However, there are times when a higher level of care, such as nursing home services are required. This section helps describe the different services and living arrangements available under the Idaho Medicaid program for individuals with physical, developmental, or medical disabilities. 

Vulnerable adults living with their primary care providers in safe, family-style homes certified by the Department of Health and Welfare.
Find information about facilities, agencies, or service providers through lists that are sorted by alphabet, by geographic region, or using a search tool.
Support services for people with disabilities or over age 65 that are provided in the community, in a person’s home, or in a congregate residential setting.
Goals for Idaho Home Choice

A program to help people transition from an institution into home-and community-based living (e.g. home or apartment). 

The Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities (MWD) program is health insurance for people who work and who have a disability. 

Services in a congregate setting for people who need a high level of care around the clock.
Search facilities, obtain information on advocacy, rights, rules and requirements, and review awards, complaints, and other inspection (survey) reports.