Fish Advisories

The Idaho Fish Consumption Advisory Project (IFCAP) informs Idahoans about possible contamination of lakes and streams that may affect fish and the humans who eat the fish.

About fish advisories

When contaminant levels are unsafe, Idaho Fish Consumption Advisory Project (IFCAP) may recommend that people limit or avoid eating certain species of fish caught in certain places. IFCAP does this by issuing a Fish Advisory.

A fish advisory means that you should be aware of the amount of certain types of fish you should eat. A fish advisory doesn't mean that you should stop fishing in a favorite lake or stream. Idaho fish are an excellent source of good nutrition. We encourage you to keep fishing and continue enjoying healthy meals.


Idaho Department of Health and Welfare PSA on Quagga Treatment  

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Interactive Fish Advisory Map

Fish advisories information

Fish Advisory Guide

Some species of fish found in Idaho waters have levels of contaminants, such as mercury, that can be dangerous to the developing child if too much is eaten. 

It is important for women of childbearing age, those pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or nursing, and children under the age of 15 to limit consumption of these types of fish. If too much fish high in contaminants is eaten, children may have delayed or impaired physical, mental or behavioral development. Download our "Fish Best Choices" brochure for more information.

Statewide Bass Fish Advisory

Mercury is a toxic substance that has been detected in fish samples. It can affect a child's brain development and ability to learn. By following the guidelines below, you can enjoy the benefits of eating fish and protect the health of children. 

  •  Adult meal size= 8 oz uncooked fish 
  • Children meal size = 2 1/4 oz uncooked fish
Pregnant women, women
who are nursing or planning
to become pregnant:

under the
age of 15 years:
 General public
(people not in the first
two groups):
Do Not Eat More Than:
Do Not Eat More Than: Do Not Eat More Than:
2 meals per month of Bass
2 meals per month of Bass  8 meals per month of Bass
Idaho Fish Consumption Advisory Project (IFCAP)