Physical Activity and Nutrition

The Idaho Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) program works in multiple settings to implement changes that have a positive impact on the health of Idahoans.

About Idaho Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN)

Through a diverse array of partnerships, IPAN focuses on strategies and practices that make healthy eating and active living the easy, default choice in Idaho communities.

IPAN's strategic areas


IPAN coordinates a physical activity project that focuses on land use and transportation as it relates to health in Idaho communities. Health district coordinators across the state work with selected communities to find opportunities for improvement in their built environments, creating spaces in parks that are accessible to all ages. The results of this work will ensure that community members have safe, accessible, and healthy options to be active every day.


IPAN and partners are working with child care providers to incorporate strategies that keep kids moving and eating healthy in child care facilities. Health district coordinators provide technical assistance and connect local child care facilities with IdahoSTARS training services to provide the Be Active Kids program which follows national best-practices for nutrition, activity, and screen time for infants, toddlers, and young children. IPAN is also partnering with the University of Idaho to implement the Idaho Farm to Early Care Education program with local farmers and childcare centers to introduce children to fruits and veggies grown locally. Through this work, Idaho's parents can be assured that their children are learning and growing in health-promoting child care environments.



IPAN supports efforts to improve federal and state benefit Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) capabilities at farmers' markets to increase access to local fresh fruits and vegetables through partnership with the Idaho Farmers Market Association. Find a local farmer's market near you.


Fall and injury prevention

Fit and Fall Proof™ is a community-based exercise program for older adults. The program focuses on improving balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility to reduce the risk and severity of unintentional falls and increase participants’ emotional and social well-being. Falls are the number one accidental injury in Idaho, above car accidents, and adults 65 years and older are the most susceptible to falls.


IPAN also supports the Healthy Eating, Activity Living (HEAL) Idaho Network of partners.

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Amanda Rodgers
IPAN Program Manager

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External Resources
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