Healthy Infants & Children

DHW offers a wide range of services to help infants and children grow up to be happy, productive members of our communities.

A could play soccer in a field with a happy toddler.
Physical activity is one aspect of a healthy childhood

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We understand that when it comes to keeping your children and family healthy, there is a lot of information available

About the Children's Special Health Program

The Children's Special Health Program (CSHP) is a statewide financial assistance program for uninsured children with a qualifying medical condition(s)

About childhood obesity

Every child deserves the best start in life. Teaching kids healthy habits from the start will help them learn to

About the Idaho Oral Health Program

The Idaho Oral Health Program (IOHP) was established in 1951 to address to issue of poor oral health in children

About safe sleep in Idaho

Safe sleep practices can protect babies from sleep-related causes of infant death.

About school health in Idaho

Idaho Physical Activity and Nutrition and the Idaho State Department of Education partner to provide physical activity and good nutrition