About Death, Stillbirth, and Miscarriage Records

The Department issues certified copies of death, stillbirth, and miscarriage records of events that occurred in the State of Idaho.


A death certificate may be necessary for a variety of legal reasons, such as claiming life insurance, applying for a spouse's pension or Social Security benefits, changing financial accounts, and remarrying. The Department maintains death certificates filed since July, 1911.

A stillbirth certificate is filed for stillborn children who are at least 20 weeks gestation or weigh at least 350 grams.

A miscarriage certificate may be filed upon the request of a parent if the miscarriage has been certified by a physician.

In Idaho, death, stillbirth, and miscarriage certificates are legally confidential for 50 years.

Information regarding obtaining records for events occurring in other states may be found at the National Center for Health Statistics