Child Welfare Advisory Board

The Child Welfare Advisory Board (CWAB) provides input to the Director of the Department of Health and Welfare, the Division Administrator of Youth Safety and Permanency, and other representative groups regarding activities or issues which may have an impact on child welfare in Idaho. The board reflects and represents community and stakeholder interests, provides input and support around legislation, and communicates the program’s purpose and mission to members of the community. The board is not a governing body that makes decisions regarding public policy.


Board members are appointed by the Director of the Department of Health and Welfare. Membership includes representation from the Idaho Supreme Court, the Developmental Disabilities program, the Infant Toddler program, Casey Family Programs, a prosecuting attorney, Child Welfare staff and leadership, a parent with lived experience, a tribal representative, a former foster youth, a community service provider, parent and child attorneys, foster parents, a Citizen Review Panel member, a member from the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, and others as appointed. 

Child Welfare Advisory Board

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