Community Care Advisory Council

The council is a forum for stakeholders in residential assisted living facilities (RALFs) and certified family homes (CFHs).

The Purpose of the Council

  • To make policy recommendations regarding the coordination of licensing and enforcement standards in residential assisted living facilities and certified family homes as well as provision of services to residents in those settings.
  • To advise the agency during development and revision of rules.
  • To review and comment on any proposed rules pertaining to residential assisted living facilities or certified family homes.
  • To submit an annual report to the Legislature stating opinions and recommendations that would further the state's capability in addressing issues related to residential assisted living facilities and certified family homes.

Council Membership

The CCAC includes assisted living and certified family home providers as well as advocates for individuals who are elderly or with developmental disabilities or mental illness and residents or family members of these two types of facilities. The director of the Department of Health and Welfare or his designee also serves on the council. In 2016, the council elected to add a non-voting position, a resident/family member-RALF. This member has provided valuable insight as an individual with a developmental disability and as a resident who plans to live in an assisted living facility.

CCAC Annual Reports
The CCAC presents an annual report to the Idaho Legislature.