EMS Advisory Committee

The Idaho EMS Advisory Committee (EMSAC) is an official advisory committee that includes representatives from the following organizations:
     • Idaho Department of Transportation  • Air Medical service
     • Emergency Department Physician  • EMT
     • Trauma surgeon  • Volunteer EMS provider
     • Idaho Board of Nursing  • Career provider
     • EMS Medical Director  • Fire chief
     • Idaho Hospital Association  • EMS instructor
     • Pre-hospital agency administration career  • Private EMS agency administration
     • Pre-hospital agency administration volunteer  • North Public Health Districts
     • Third service non-transport  • South Public Health Districts
     • Pediatric emergency medicine physician

     • Emergency Management


    Idaho EMS Advisory Committee (EMSAC) responsibilities include gathering data and information on industry trends, national standards, clinical developments, regulatory agencies, and additional sources of information affecting EMS agencies around the state of Idaho and the nation. EMSAC then uses this data to advise the Idaho EMS and Preparedness Bureau of actions and directions that should be considered to continuously improve EMS agencies in our state.

    Primary areas of responsibility include:

    • DNR directives
    • Educational curricula and standards
    • Personnel and agency licensing policies and standards
    • Grant applications
    • Performance and sustainability of EMS transport and non-transport services

    EMS Advisory Committee official meetings are open to the public, and anyone who practices, serves with, or has interest in Idaho EMS is encouraged to attend.

    Upcoming meetings
    EMSAC Committee MeetingUpcoming......
    May 9, 2024
    9:00am - 3:30pm MDT
    Meeting Link: https://idhw.webex.com/idhw/j.php?MTID=m37b684fca67f654bb742da80446da581
    To Join via phone please call: +1-415-527-5035
    Access Code: 2824 529 4128
    Password: MPwwFDvY832 (67993389 from phones and video systems)