Governor's Children at Risk Task Force (CARTF)

The Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk (CARTF), a nonpartisan, broadly representative organization with concerns related to children at risk in Idaho, is dedicated to providing informed recommendations to the Idaho Governor regarding issues related to child abuse and neglect.

In 1988, by executive order, Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus established the Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk. The group's first assignment was to review research on sex crimes against children and develop recommendations to address the issue. This included reviewing testimony from public hearings, national research, and interviews with investigators, treatment providers, law enforcement personnel, perpetrators, citizen advocates, victims, and their families. Findings and recommendations were published in "A Report on Idaho's System for Protecting and Serving Children at Risk of Sexual Abuse." The report had 14 specific recommendations. Most of these have been followed to completion. Since 1988, the task force has continued to make recommendations to the Governor on issues pertaining to Idaho's children.

Three children in disaster area
The Governor's Task Force on Children at Risk