Idaho Council on Suicide Prevention

The Idaho Council on Suicide Prevention responsibilities are to oversee the implementation of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Plan, to ensure the continued relevance of the plan by evaluating, implementing, and developing changes and new priorities, to be a proponent for suicide prevention in Idaho, and to prepare an annual report on plan implementation for the Governor and Legislature.

The Governor appoints all members of the council with state regional representation in mind. Council members each serve a three-year renewable term. The Governor appoints the council chair. The council meets annually and does not exceed 20 members.

Name agency/Organization Executive Order Representation City/Town
Teresa Abbott Suicide Prevention Program Department of Health and Welfare Suicide Prevention Program  Boise
Krissy Broncho Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Idaho Tribes Fort Hall
Bree Derrick Idaho Department of Corrections Idaho Department of Corrections Boise
Tiffany Foley Clinical Social Worker - Suicide Prevention Coordinator Boise Veterans Services Boise
Kristin Green Division of Behavioral Health, Program Specialist Department of Health & Welfare, Division of Behavioral Health Boise
Jeni Griffin Regional Coordinator Idaho Lives Loss survivor Idaho Falls
Linda Hatzenbuehler Psychologist Mental Health Professional/ Council Chair Pocatello
Sen. Fred Martin Idaho Legislature Senate Representative Boise
Erin Olsen Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Program Specialist Idaho Commission on Aging Boise
Dotti Owens Ada County Coroner’s Office Ada County Coroner Boise
Catherine Perusse NAMI Mental Health Advocacy Sandpoint
Carmen Stanger American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Suicide Prevention Advocacy Boise
Sara Stover Governor’s Office Health & Human Services Policy Advisor Boise
Eric Studebaker Director of Student Engagement & Safety Coordination State Department of Education Boise
Renee Waite Department of Juvenile Corrections Juvenile Corrections Twin Falls
Michael Walton MD, St. Luke's Idaho Medical Association or a Medical Doctor Boise
Stewart Wilder Live Wilder Foundation & Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition Suicide prevention advocacy


Liz Woodruff Idaho Academy of Family Physicians Mental Health Advocacy Organization Boise


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Idaho Suicide Prevention five year plan