SWITC Advisory Board

The Southwest Idaho Treatment Center (SWITC) Advisory Board provides input and recommendations to the director of the Department of Health and Welfare regarding the mission, goals, and objectives of the facility as well as recommendations regarding the needs, activities, and issues impacting the facility.

The board also reflects and represents community and stakeholder interests, provides input and support around legislation, and communicates the center's purpose and mission to members of the community.

Board members are appointed by the director of the Department of Health and Welfare. Membership includes representation from the Idaho Legislature, a representative from the governor’s office, a parent or guardian of an individual who previously or currently resides at SWITC, a member of the 3rd or 4th judicial district, law enforcement, a member from the Idaho Department of Corrections or Juvenile Corrections and others as appointed. 




​Miren Unsworth, Chairman 11/15/22 11/15/24
Ashley Dowell, Vice-Chair 11/15/22 11/15/24
Mayor Jarom Wagoner 11/15/22 11/15/24
Honorable Dayo O. Onanubosi 11/15/22 11/15/24
Shirley Beale  11/15/22 11/15/24
Deputy Chief Curt Shankel 11/15/22 11/15/24
Sara Stover 01/30/23 01/30/25
Jamie Newton 11/15/22 11/15/24
Branden Smalley  11/15/22 11/15/24
Shannon Franklin 04/04/23 04/04/25
Greg Swanson 02/02/23 02/02/25
Michael Sandvig 02/05/23 02/05/25
Senator Melissa Wintrow 02/19/23 02/19/25
Amanda DeYoung 09/01/23 09/01/25
Southwest Idaho Treatment Center Advisory Board

1660 11th Avenue North
Nampa, ID 83687
United States