Find a Healthy Connections Primary Care Provider

Please enter your search information below and click the “Search” button to begin the process of finding a Healthy Connections clinic. A list of clinics that fit your search will appear below the map. To submit your request for your Healthy Connections clinic, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “View Clinic” button next to the clinic you are choosing
  • Click on the “Choose this clinic as my Healthy Connections provider” button
  • Enter your information. If an email address is provided, a confirmation email will be sent to verify your submission.
  • Click the “Submit for Review” button

Before submitting your choice please review the “Additional Information” to view any enrollment restrictions for the clinic.

Healthy Connections will process the request and if approved a letter will be mailed to the participant.

Enrollment in Healthy Connections will be with a clinic, not a specific provider. The clinic will work with you to determine your specific primary care provider or primary care team.