Light up green in May to promote mental health awareness

April 30, 2024
Dustin Lapray, Division of Behavioral Health

The National Association of Mental Health (now called Mental Health America) established May as Mental Health Month in 1949, making this year the 75th Anniversary of Mental Health Awareness Month.

In celebration of this occasion, the Division of Behavioral Health at the Department of Health and Welfare is asking Idahoans to “Light Up Green” this May. Replace your porch light. Dust off a Halloween projector. Wear a green shirt. Help us shine a light on Mental Health in Idaho.  

Across the nation, large venues, such as sports stadiums, bridges, monuments and other highly visible structures will bathe in green light to honor the many Americans facing mental health conditions.

Participating can be as simple as wearing green. Try a green T-shirt, a bracelet, or a ribbon.

Why Green? The official color for mental health awareness, green represents renewal, hope and vitality.

In Idaho, we ask our friends and neighbors to participate as they wish, to consider others who may be struggling, and to be open about their own situation. At any point in time, one in five Americans will be facing mental health challenges. In our lifetimes, about 50% of us will have a mental health condition.

Awareness helps us see these conditions as they are, as illnesses with treatment options. With the help of our community and partners, we can help Idahoans get the help they need, when they need it.

Dustin Lapray is a public involvement officer with the Division of Behavioral Health at DHW.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is dedicated to strengthening the health, safety, and independence of Idahoans. Learn more at

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