Our employees are here to help Idahoans live their best lives

January 28, 2022
DHW Director Dave Jeppesen

The Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) exists to serve you. Our mission is to promote the health, safety, and independence of Idahoans.

Although the pandemic has shined a spotlight on the work of the Division of Public Health, DHW is also there when Idahoans have a crisis in their lives, such as a financial hardship or an illness.

In addition to the work and focus on the pandemic – including the vaccine rollout and our commitment to supporting healthcare providers --  the department’s other divisions (Family and Community Services, Behavioral Health, Information and Technology, Licensing & Certification, Management Services, Medicaid, and Welfare) work together every day to provide an array of services for complex social, economic, and health issues.

I am grateful for the work of the DHW employees (almost 3,000) who feel called to serve their neighbors and communities. They show up every day to serve Idahoans, often without fanfare or accolades. They show up even when the work is overwhelming, and even though they would likely have a bigger paycheck if they worked in the private sector. They are the quiet, steady hope that ensures we are here for you. They know their work means something; it’s a cause greater than themselves. They find value in serving other more vulnerable people in our state.

DHW employees are here:

  • When you or someone in your family has a substance use disorder or is looking for mental health services
  • If you have a child who has a developmental disability
  • If you’ve lost your job and need cash assistance, or home or utility assistance, or food assistance
  • When low-income families need healthcare services
  • When families struggle to provide a safe place for their children.

The Work We Do

Although COVID-19 has dominated the news and, often our healthcare systems, DHW also offers online health and wellness information and resources. We also are here to remind you to check your home for radon and be weary of mosquitos that might carry West Nile Virus. We are here to make sure you have the information you need to make decisions about your health and safety.

If you are looking for birth or marriage records, DHW has been entrusted to secure those for you. If you want to be a foster parent, we can help you through the process. If you have questions about your newborn baby or your elderly parents, we can help there, too.

If you are curious about all of the ways DHW can support you, I would encourage you to visit our website for more in-depth information.

We Work For You

Our goal is to help you when you need us. We are committed to helping Idahoans become self-reliant. Working together, we all are focused on building a better Idaho.

Next week, I will be representing the department’s budgets at the 2022 Idaho Legislature Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee. I am honored to represent our employees and Idahoans. I am grateful for the support from the Legislature as we all work for the people.

All of us who live and work in Idaho are committed to helping Idahoans live their best lives. That is our promise to you.

I hope you all have a safe and healthy weekend.

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