Survey to help identify healthcare workforce challenges and solutions

May 14, 2024
DHW Communications

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, in partnership with Idaho’s Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), is distributing an Idaho Healthcare Workforce Initiatives Survey. Two goals of this survey include:

1.    Identifying issues leading or contributing to healthcare workforce challenges, and this includes behavioral health and oral health, and 
2.    Capturing existing initiatives underway to help solve workforce challenges

Factors contributing to healthcare workforce challenges are often complex and multifaceted. Some examples include workforce shortages, recruitment and retention, and training and development of existing staff.

The results of the survey will inform future statewide workforce planning efforts by the Department of Health and Welfare, Idaho AHEC, and healthcare partners. When appropriate, the survey may connect organizations with others working to address similar workforce challenges.

The survey recognizes how administration, support staff and other non-provider roles also meet the needs of patients. Please include this population in your responses, if applicable.

The survey is open until May 22, 2024, and will take approximately five to seven minutes to complete.

If you are aware of other health workforce efforts by organizations in Idaho, please forward this survey so results are as inclusive as possible.

Survey Link: 

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