IRIS Opt-out

Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Information System (IRIS) is a secure health information system containing the names and immunization history of people who have received vaccinations in Idaho. This information is available only to authorized health care providers, child care providers, and schools. Participation in IRIS is voluntary and you may opt out at any time by contacting the Idaho Immunization Program at (208)334-5931 and requesting an opt-out form, or by completing this online opt-out form.

Opting out of IRIS

Please remember that if you opt to have information about yourself, your minor child, or person whom you are a legal guardian be removed from IRIS, then you must maintain the individual’s immunization (shot) records. Verification of immunization status is a requirement for entry to schools (including some secondary schools and colleges), summer or day camps, employment in certain industries, participation in certain volunteer activities, and other situations.

Two options are available for opting out of IRIS for yourself, your minor child (under the age of 18 years), or a person for whom you are a legal guardian:  

  • Option 1:  Remove only immunization-related information from IRIS. Only demographic information is retained in IRIS, including name, address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, date of birth, and gender. Demographic information will not be viewable by medical providers, schools or childcare staff. By making this selection, I understand that allowing demographic information to be retained in IRIS will reduce the chance of accidental or intentional re-entry of vaccination information about me/him/her.
  • Option 2: Remove all information from IRIS - immunization and demographic. By making this selection, I understand that at any time, information regarding myself, my child, or person for whom I am a legal guardian, may be re-entered by a health care provider. I understand that I must work with my health care provider(s) to ensure this information is not re-entered into IRIS. 
IRIS Opt-out Form