Continuous Medicaid enrollment ends April 1. First batch of notices issued today

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During the federal COVID-19 public health emergency, states were not allowed to remove anyone from Medicaid unless they moved out of the state, asked to be removed, or died. This was called continuous Medicaid enrollment or Medicaid Protection.

As people’s situations or incomes changed, some of the people enrolled in Medicaid are no longer qualified to get benefits. And recent federal law allows the department to remove Idahoans who no longer qualify for Medicaid starting April 1.Of the nearly 450,000 Idahoans enrolled in Medicaid, 300,000 of those are eligible.

The Department of Health and Welfare (DHW), which determines Medicaid eligibility and administers benefits, and Your Health Idaho (YHI), the state-based health insurance exchange, are prepared.

There are about 150,000 people currently enrolled in Medicaid who either don't qualify or have not been in contact with DHW during the public health emergency. Starting today, Feb. 1, and continuing through July, DHW will send out about 30,000 re-evaluation notices a month. People have 60 days to respond before they will be removed. If they respond in that time, they will be re-evaluated for Medicaid eligibility. Those who do not qualify for Medicaid will be able to discuss their options for accessing health insurance with YHI.

The re-evaluations of these 150,000 Idahoans will be completed by September. This is one of the fastest timelines in the country for Medicaid re-evaluations.

Idahoans who are referred to YHI will receive a notification with an access code which will enable a quick start for setting up their account. Once their account is set up and application submitted, they will immediately know the amount of tax credit they qualify for and can shop and enroll in a plan. To prevent a gap in coverage, YHI is encouraging Idahoans to apply and enroll in coverage before their Medicaid end date. For those who do not, they will have 60-days from their Medicaid end date to enroll through a special enrollment period.

Those who currently receive Medicaid should take action to make sure they receive notices about their benefits and re-evaluations. They should report any changes in their household information, including phone number and address. To report any changes or confirm information, call DHW at 877-456-1233, email, or visit

DHW is in compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements for unwinding Medicaid Protection.

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