Northwest Radon Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to all our winners!

Regional GRAND PRIZE Winner

1st Place – Lin Spichiger, age 10, Washington


1st place - Brooklyn Miller, age 13

2nd place - Olivia Filippini, age 13

3rd place - Charlie Kunz, age 11



1st Place: Alexia Vallo, age 13

2nd Place: Arianna Hong, age 11

3rd Place: Keith Fischer, age 13



1st Place – Lin Spichiger, age 10

2nd Place – Daphne Sayigh, age 11

3rd Place – Vivian Truitt, age 11

drawing by Lin Spichiger about Radon
Washington 1st Place and Regional Grand Prize Winner– Lin Spichiger
Drawing by Brooklyn Miller of Radon
Idaho 1st Place - Brooklyn Miller
Drawing by Alexia Vallo of Radon
Oregon 1st Place - Alexia Vallo
Drawing by Keith Fischer of Radon
Oregon 3rd Place - Keith Fischer
Drawing by Daphne Sayigh of Radon
Washington 2nd Place – Daphne Sayigh
Drawing by Vivian Truitt of Radon
Washington 3rd Place – Vivian Truitt
Drawing by Olivia Filippini of Radon
Idaho 2nd place -Olivia Filippini
Drawing by Charlie Kunz of Radon
Idaho 3rd place - Charlie Kunz
Drawing by Arianna Hong of Radon
Oregon 2nd Place - Arianna Hong