Northwest Radon Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to all our winners!

Regional Winner

1st Place – Finnegan Grose, age 10, White Salmon


1st place - Cora LaMunyon, age 11, Mary McPhersonElementary

2nd place - Layla Williams, age 12, Kamiah Middle School

3rd place - Leander Glock, age 9, Discovery Elementary



1st Place: Rylee Gram, age 13, Frenchglen School

2nd Place: Maddox Norris, age 12, Frenchglen School

3rd Place: Julian Ketezenbarger, age 13, North Bend Middle School



1st Place – Finnegan Grose, age 10, White Salmon

2nd Place – Sylvie Phillips, age 12, Olalla

3rd Place – Scarlett Sheridan, age 13, Lynnwood

Radon poster drawing of a house with Radon coming through its foundation.
Idaho 1st Place - Cora LaMunyon - age 11 - Mary McPherson Elementary
Stick person with their head as a house possessed by Radon
Washington 1st Place & Regional – Finnegan Grose - age 10 - White Salmon
Radon Poster by Scarlett Sheridan
Washington 3rd Place – Scarlett Sheridan - age 13 - Lynnwood
Radon Poster by Rylee Gram
Oregon 1st Place - Rylee Gram - age 13 - Frenchglen School
Radon Poster by Julian Ketezenbarger
Oregon 3rd Place - Julian Ketezenbarger - age 13 - North Bend Middle School
Radon Poster Drawing about important things to know about Radon
Idaho 2nd place - Layla Williams - age 12 - Kamiah Middle School
Drawing of a house with Radon problems
Idaho 3rd place - Leander Glock - age 9 - Discovery Elementary
Radon Poster by Sylvie Phillips
Washington 2nd Place – Sylvie Phillips - age 12 - Olalla
Radon Poster by Maddox Norris
Oregon 2nd Place - Maddox Norris - age 12 - Frenchglen School