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Services & Programs

Children & Families

We offer a range of services to support families as they raise their children to be healthy and productive members in our communities.
Child Support Services
Child Support Services helps families and children with child support payments and takes enforcement actions, among other services.
Child and Family Services and Foster Care
Child and Family Services and Foster Care helps Idaho families that are struggling to provide a safe place for their children.
Care and Services
Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Home and Community Based Services, and Certified Family Homes available for your family member.
Disability Services
DHW offers many services and resources for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can be as healthy and independent as possible.
Child Care
Child care resources and financial assistance for parents and caretakers, including the Idaho Child Care Program and safe child care locations.
Childhood Development
Newborn screening services for several health conditions and early intervention services are provided for children from birth to 3 years.
Immunizations help keep Idaho children and adults healthy, especially from vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and chicken pox.
Family Planning
Idaho health clinics offer comprehensive, affordable, and voluntary family planning services.
Home Visiting Program
The Home Visiting Program empowers pregnant women, children and families through its evidence-based services.

Other Programs You May Need

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