Private Adoption Information

The department does not provide private adoptions. Private adoptions are completed through the services of a private adoption agency, certified adoption professional, and/or attorney.

Regardless of the type of adoption you choose, your family will be required to complete an adoption home study.

Private adoption agency

A private adoption agency is state-licensed and may be for-profit or nonprofit and may or may not have a religious affiliation. Private agencies may specialize in domestic infant adoption, special needs adoption, and/or international adoption. These agencies will help families find a child to adopt. Adoption agencies provide education and support to birth parents and adoptive parents before and after adoption.

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Adoption agencies in Idaho
AgencyChief administratorAddressE-mailPhone Number
A Giving Tree Adoptions, IncElizabeth Jackson
A New Beginning, Inc.Stephanie Pearl
Adoption LifeMeghan Anderson
Children's House InternationalDeborah Price
Idaho Falls
Forever Bound AdoptionLisa Manery
Idaho Youth Ranch Adoption ServiceAmy Evans
Coeur d’Alene
Connected by Love AdoptionsHeather PincelliCoeur d'Aleneheather@connectedbyloveadoptions.com321-355-2010
Modern Adoption Inc.Ali DesmondHaydenali@openarmsadoptionagency.com206-600-9785
Certified adoption professionals

Certified adoption professionals (CAPs) provide adoption services with the oversight of the Department of Health and Welfare. Additional guidance for the CAP program is provided in Idaho Administrative Code. 

A certified adoption professional can be certified to provide any, some, or all of the following services:

  • Adoption home studies for families seeking private infant adoption
  • Adoption home studies for families seeking domestic (within the US), special-needs adoption
  • Adoption home studies for families seeking step-parent or relative adoption
  • Court-ordered investigations for termination of parental rights for domestic private or independent adoptions
  • Supervision of adoptive placements for domestic private or independent adoptions

CAPs may not provide birth parent education or counseling services related to international adoptions.

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Certified adoption professionals
List of certified adoption professionals in Idaho
Independent adoption

An independent adoption is one in which the birth parent places the child directly with an adoptive parent without the involvement of an adoption agency. Education, preparation, and emotional support services may not be provided to the birth or adoptive parents.

Adopting a stepchild

A step-parent adoption is when a step-parent petitions the court for adoption of his or her current spouse’s child. In order for the adoption to occur, the parental rights of the other birth parent will need to be terminated, either through agreement or as the result of a court hearing. You may need to have an adoption home study completed. It is advised you consult with an adoption attorney to learn about the requirements for the process. Additional information can also be found in the Step-parent Adoption Factsheet for Families on the Child Welfare Information Gateway.