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Apply for Services

Child Support Services can help to help ensure children receive financial and medical support from both parents in a variety of ways. To request child support services:

1. Complete an application. You may print the application form or request one be mailed to you by calling Child Support Customer Service at (208) 334-2479. If you are outside the Boise area, call 1-800-356-9868.

2. If child support is ordered, include a certified copy of the most recent child support order. Include a copy of the child’s birth certificate, if available.

3. Enclose a $25 check or money order made out to Child Support Services. 

4. If you are the parent ordered to receive funds, choose how you would prefer to
receive payments.

Attach a voided check or deposit slip to have payments deposited into your checking or savings account.

If you do not provide a voided check or deposit slip, Child Support Services assumes you want to access payments using an Idaho Family Support Card. This card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be sent to you in separate mailings within a week or two.

For more information about direct deposit and the Idaho Family Support Card, see Receive Payments.

5. Mail your application with the $25 fee to Idaho Child Support Receipting Services, P.O. Box 70008, Boise, Idaho, 83707-0108.

Child Support Services sends you a letter to let you know when your case is opened or whether any additional information is needed.


Are there other reasons why I have a child support case?

If you or the other parent applies for public assistance (Food Stamps, Medicaid, or cash assistance), Child Support Services opens a child support case on your behalf. The $25 application fee is waived. Opening a child support case helps ensure that children are receiving the financial and medical support they need while helping the family to become more self-sufficient.