Apply for Services

Apply to receive enforcement and non-enforcement services from Child Support Services. 

How do I apply?

Enforcement services: 

  • Download and complete an application, or request an application in the mail at 800-356-9868
  • Mail application with $25 application fee to: Idaho Child Support Receipting Services, P.O. Box 70008, Boise, Idaho, 83707-0108

Non-enforcement services: 

  • If you would like Idaho Child Support Services to provide receipting services for your child support order, call us at 800-356-9868.
  • There is no fee to provide receipting services. Payments will be made to the parent receiving child support payments either through direct deposit or on the Idaho Family Support Card. 
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Child Support Application
Download an application for Child Support Services
Who is eligible?

There are no eligibility requirements for this service.