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Based on the unique needs of the child, the Infant Toddler Program (ITP) links skilled professionals with the family. They work as a team, including the parent or caregiver, to support the child's learning and development.

McWilliam Early Intervention Design QuoteEarly intervention services meet developmental needs of the child and family to support the child's development. Research shows that infants and toddlers learn best through daily routines and everyday learning opportunities that occur in the child's home, community, and childcare settings. Research also shows that parents have the greatest impact on their child's learning.

If My Child Needs Early Intervention, How are Services Provided?

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Children learn best when doing things they enjoy. We use that principle to help your family support your child's learning during all of the things you do together. One lead service provider will work side-by-side with you, and coach you to use what you have learned with your child. Together you will find ways to help your child practice skills every day in your home, child care center, or in other community places.

What Services are Available?

The ITP uses teaming, coaching, modeling, Natural Learning Environment (NLE), and Primary Service Provider (PSP) methods to deliver Early Intervention (EI) services to families. If your child is eligible, one or more of these services may be provided through these methods to your team:

  • Family Using AbacusAssistive technology (tools/equipment to promote learning)
  • Audiology and hearing services
  • Family counseling and home visits
  • Family education
  • Health services
  • Medical services (for diagnosis only)
  • Nutrition services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychology services
  • Service coordination
  • Sign language and cued language services
  • Social work services
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Transportation
  • Vision services

Who Pays for Early Intervention Services?

In Idaho, services are provided at no cost to families. The program is supported through state and federal funds, Medicaid, and private insurance. If your child is eligible for early intervention, one or more of these resources will be used to pay for your child's services.