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Reportable Diseases


Idaho Reportable Disease List [PDF] 

Health care providers, laboratorians, and hospital administrators are required, according to the Idaho Reportable Diseases Rules (IDAPA 16.02.10), to report communicable diseases and conditions included on the Idaho Reportable Disease List to their local health district or the Epidemiology Section within the Bureau of Communicable Disease Prevention. Reports must be made within three (3) working days of identification or diagnosis unless otherwise noted on the Idaho Reportable Disease List. 

Reporting a Case
All reports are confidential and must include:
·    Disease or condition reported;
·    Patient’s name, age, date of birth, sex, address (including city and county), phone number, and date of specimen collection, if applicable;
·    Physician’s name, address, and phone number

Immediate reports and emergency notifications
·    During business hours: Phone or fax all reports
·    After hours: Use the State Communications public health paging system at (800) 632-8000. A public health official will be paged immediately to assist you.

Reports required within 1 working day
·    During business hours: Phone, fax, or provide via electronic reporting system
·    After hours: If the reporting period falls on a weekend or holiday, report to the health district or State Epidemiology Program the next working day or you may call State Comm as above.

Routine Reporting
·    Phone, fax, mail, or provide via electronic reporting system all reports

Bureau of Communicable Disease Prevention, Epidemiology Section
450 W State Street, 4th Floor
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: (208) 334-5939
Fax: (208) 332-7307

Epidemiology confidential automated WATS line: (800) 632-5927 [NOT an emergency hotline; callers receive automated menu and leave a message]

Annual reportable disease summaries for the years 2002-2016 and trend graphs for selected reportable diseases.

Extraordinary Occurrence of Illness, Including Clusters
Health care providers, laboratorians, and hospital administrators are required, according to the Idaho Reportable Disease Rules[PDF], to report cases, suspected cases, and clusters of extraordinary or unusual illness within one working day of identification or suspicion. Clusters of unexplained acute illness and early-stage disease symptoms are included in this requirement.

Idaho Guide for Health Data Suggestive of Terrorism
The Idaho Guide for Health Data Suggestive of Terrorism provides information on detection of clusters of illness that may be associated with biologic, chemical, or radiologic terrorism. Note: Contacts and weblinks included in this guide may not be current.

View/download [PDF] the Guide (single-sided printing)

View/Download [PDF] the Guide (double-sided printing, brochure style)

Idaho Disease Bulletin

Idaho Disease Bulletin Menu. The Idaho Disease Bulletin is a newsletter created for healthcare providers. The editors strive to include timely information on issues of national public health importance as well as Idaho-specific public health events. The editors are open to feedback on the Bulletin and suggestions for future topics. Please call our office at 208-334-5939 if you have feedback or suggestions. 

Information for Clinicians


Checklist for Healthcare Providers Regarding Suspected CJD Cases [PDF]. Checklist and resources for healthcare providers re suspected CJD or vCJD

Idaho Health Alert Network. The Idaho HAN system is an automated system designed to rapidly deliver time-critical, health-related information to designated health partners.