Promoting and protecting the health and safety of all Idahoans

Idaho Food Safety Manual

The Idaho Food Safety and Sanitation Manual functions primarily as a training publication for the mandatory supervisory program. However, during the review process by food industry representatives and the various health agencies, it was recommended that the manual be a multi-use publication for the food industry. As a result, this manual has been modified to have greater utility in the hands of the food industry license holder, manager, and supervisor.

The manual provides the following uses to the food industry: 
  • Serves as a training manual for supervisors;
  • Serves as a general information publication for understanding why food safety and sanitation is important to the food industry; 
  • Emphasizes only food safety and sanitation topics that are directly related directly to causes of foodborne diseases and outbreaks; 
  • Serves as a resource manual in association with the Idaho Food Code; and 
  • Serves as a guide for training employees below the supervisor level.
The health agencies of the State of Idaho encourage each food establishment to use the manual to its maximum potential. The greatest tribute to the customers served is to put food safety and sanitation principles into everyday practice. The reward will be safe food and a popular business.
Should the user of this manual have food safety or sanitation questions which are not covered in this manual or the Idaho Food Code, contact your health agency identified on page 60 for assistance.
The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare appreciates the significant contributions made by the food industry, health agencies and others who were sufficiently interested to provide constructive comment during the preparation of the manual.