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X-ray Licensure

X-ray facilities (e.g. medical, dental, veterinarian, chiropractic, academic, and industrial) are inspected based on Idaho Radiation Control Regulations. The purpose of these regulations is to reduce radiation exposure to Idahoans.  

​Mammography facilities are inspected under an agreement with the FDA to perform federal inspections of Idaho mammography sites. These facilities are regulated by the Federal Mammography Quality Standards Act.  The inspections are performed annually and are performed to determine machine accuracy and qualifications of technologists performing exams and radiologists reading mammographic images.

Frequently Asked Questions for X-ray Licensure

How do I license my X-ray producing device?
The license application can be found on the Idaho Bureau of Laboratories (IBL) website or directly at The licensing form can be filled out and submitted online. Please complete as much information as possible on the licensing form to reduce delays in processing of the application. X-Ray equipment must be licensed within 30 days of receipt of equipment.

What is the difference between an Annual License and a Standard License?
The standard license is appropriate for most facilities. It is a license for a single facility or office and the fees are assessed and license renewed based on the table below. The application for a license requires the
applicant to list the X-ray producing machines.  
The annual license is reserved for a facility or group of facilities under one administrative control that employs one or more full-time individuals whose positions are entirely devoted to in-house radiation safety. The agency can opt to pay a flat facility licensure fee of $1,000 annually.

How often will my X-ray license be renewed?
The annual license will be renewed each year while the standard license will be renewed based on the table above.

The company that installed my x-ray device said they would register my equipment with the state. Is that all I have to do?
Most often the company will notify the Idaho Radiation Control Program at IBL of the installation of a piece of X-ray producing equipment by submitting the FDA form 2579 ‘Report of Assembly.’ This does not license the device for use in Idaho. The purchaser is still responsible for licensing the device or updating their current license with the new equipment.

Does Idaho have regulations regarding tanning beds, ultrasound, or lasers?
There are no regulations in Idaho governing non-ionizing radiation devices. This includes tanning beds, ultrasound devices, laser devices, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), or ultrasonic devices.

Does my X-ray facility need to have an inspection before I can provide services?
No, but IBL staff will make every attempt to do an inspection as soon as possible.

We just opened a new facility, moved, changed owners, equipment changed, etc. What are my next steps?
Per Idaho administrative rules, every X-ray machine is required to be licensed by the State of Idaho.  Owners are required to notify the state of any new installations and any changes to the information on
file at IBL. Changes must reported be within 30 days of any change.

I am selling my X-ray producing device. What do I need to do?
The Idaho Radiation Control Program must be notified by the seller. This can be done by submitting a Change of Information form online or by emailing It is the responsibility of the purchaser to license the instrument with the state following the purchase. Notification must be within 30 days of sale of equipment.

I am scrapping/disposing of my X-ray producing device. What are the requirements for disposal?
The X-ray unit may be scrapped if it is totally disabled. All electrical power sources must be removed from the unit so that the X-ray tube cannot be activated. Once the power source is disabled, the metal can be disposed of. In addition, the Idaho Radiation Control Program must be notified of the disposal of any X-ray producing equipment. This can be done by filling out the Change of Information form online or by emailing

I am a registered radiologic technologist, therapist, etc.  Do I need to get licensed by the state lab before working in Idaho?
There is currently no licensure in Idaho for X-ray technologists. Each facility is responsible for the hiring and training of qualified personnel and can set standards for certification within each institution. One exception is for mammography technologists, who must meet the training and certification requirements for the federal Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

Do I need to provide personal dosimetry devices?
Yes, unless you have received a waiver from the Idaho Radiation Control Program.  To receive a waiver, you must provide dosimetry devices to your staff and have them wear dosimetry devices for one year, having the devices read every three months.  At the end of that year, you may send in all dosimetry reports for the year to IBL and request a waiver if readings are below established limits.

It has been “X” number of years since our facility was inspected.  When can I expect an inspection?
We make every effort to complete inspections on a timely basis.  Our goal is to inspect facilities during their current licensure period: every two years for hospital, clinic and medical practices, every four years for dental, chiropractic, podiatric, and veterinary offices, and every 10 years for industrial, research,
academic/educational or security facilities.  However, due to the staff per facility ratio and travel schedules, the inspection may occur past the renewal date of the license.

We are building a new facility that will have X-ray machines.  How much shielding do we need to have?
You will need to have a shielding plan performed by a qualified health or medical physicist.  Please contact us if you need a list of qualified experts. You will need to forward the completed shielding plan to our office for approval.

I am a vendor/servicer/salesperson.  Do I need to register with the state?
Yes.  Please go to Idaho state lab website under the X-ray section and look for the X-Ray Service Provider ApplicationThere is no charge for this registration.

We are going to demo an X-ray producing device in Idaho. Do we need to license the device if we will only be in the state for a short time?
Idaho allows devices to come into the state for up to 180 days without licensure. Any stay longer than 180 days would require licensing of the device. 

Information on Purchasing an X-ray Device Online

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X-ray Basics:  This is a web-based training course that covers the basics of X-ray, radiation safety, Idaho Radiation Control Rules, and inspection of X-ray producing devices.  The course meets the minimum requirement for X-ray training under IDAPA 16.02.27.

Radiographer Training Log:  Use this log to certify that staff have completed required radiographer training.

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