Training & Outreach

Teleconferences, webinars, and workshops; training announcements

About training & outreach

Idaho Bureau of Laboratories (IBL) provides educational and outreach opportunities on topics of interest to Idaho's clinical and environmental laboratory communities.

IBL staff work with the Association of Public Health Laboratories, the Laboratory Response Network, and other organizations to provide seminars and trainings for a wide range of audiences, including healthcare laboratory professionals and first responders.

Clinical Laboratory Outreach

Idaho Clinical Laboratory Leaders Resource Hub: Resources developed for Idaho's clinical laboratories to identify best practices, share resources and expertise, and deploy a coordinated response to statewide emergencies.

Upcoming webinars and trainings

IBL frequently hosts teleconference, webinar presentations, and trainings produced by state laboratories, federal agencies, and professional organizations. Teleconferences will be held at Idaho Bureau of Laboratories. Laboratory professionals are invited to attend any of these educational opportunities at IBL, but advance registration is required. 


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Training & Outreach
Online courses

All of the following are online training offerings that are provided free of charge. Browse the CDC Laboratory Training for other topics not listed below.  

Biological Threat

CDC Online Biothreat Preparedness Training:  Five modules (Bacillus anthracisBrucellaBurkholderia spp., Yersinia pestis, and Francisella tularensis)

Colorado FREE Online Training "Sentinel Lab Detection of Biological Select Agents" Brochure


Biosecurity for Clinical Laboratories:  This course is for clinical laboratorians who want to improve their knowledge of biosecurity practices that protect against unauthorized access, loss, theft, misuse, diversion or intentional release of dangerous biological materials.


CDC Basic Microbiology eLearning Curriculum

CDC Core Microbiology Skills

Packaging and Shipping

CDC Packaging and Shipping Division 6.2 Materials


CDC Fundamentals of Working Safely in a Biological Safety Cabinet

CDC Fundamentals of Centrifuge Safety

CDC Fundamentals of Chemical Fume Hood Safety


IRCP Radiation Safety Training Course