Idaho TSE System Council

The purpose of the Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency (TSE) System Council is to develop, implement, and monitor a statewide system that includes trauma, stroke, and heart attack facilities.

The 17-member Idaho TSE System Council meets once a month to govern the statewide system. The council has 11 governor-appointed members representing Idaho's hospitals and EMS agencies and provides equitable geographic and rural representation and 6 TSE Regional Chairs. The TSE Program staff from the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare oversees the day-to-day operation of the Idaho TSE System.

Read Idaho Statute 56-1027 Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency System Council - Creation - Composition, for further information on the Idaho TSE Council's appointments and terms.

Member Name Position
Dershi Bussey Trauma Center
Dr. Ondrej Choutka Stroke Center
Dr. Joseph Walsh Heart Attack Center
Jeremy Schabot Urban EMS
Bill Spencer Rural EMS
Mike Weimer Air Medical EMS
Dennis Mesaros Facility Administrator
Brad Huerta Critical Access Hospital Administrator
Greg Vickers, Vice-chairman Urban Emergency Department
Dr. Kelly McGrath Rural Emergency Department
Drew Forney Citizen
Chris Way, Chairman Region 1 North Chair
Nicole Wheaton Region 2 North-Central Chair
Dr. Parker Fillmore Region 3 Southwest Chair
Toni Jackson Region 4 South-Central Chair
Dr. Curtis Sandy Region 5 Southeast Chair
Eric Day Region 6 East Chair


TSE Council Meeting
Tuesday, June 13th
9am - 10am MST

Bureau of EMS & Preparedness
2224 E Old Penitentiary Rd
Boise, ID 83712

Meeting Minutes
2023 meeting minutes 2022 meeting minutes
January 10th January 11th
February 14th February 8th
March 14th - CANCELED March 8th
April 11th April 12th
May 9th May 10th
June 13th - CANCELED June 14th
July 11th July 12th
August 8th August 9th - CANCELED
September 12th September 13th
October 10th October 11th
November 14th November 8th
December 12th December 13th
TSE Statutes

TSE System related Idaho Statutes, Title 56, Chapter 10: 

56-1024 Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency System of Care - Statement of Intent.

56-1025 Definitions.

56-1026 Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency System Creation.

56-1027 Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency System Council - Creation - Composition.

56-1028 Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency System Council - Duties - Rulemaking.

56-1029 Idaho Trauma, Stroke, Heart Attack Centers - Designation.

56-1030 Regional Time Sensitive Emergency Committees - Membership - Duties.

Idaho TSE Registry Idaho Statute, Title 57, Chapter 20:
57-2001 - 57-2007 Time Sensitive Emergency (TSE) Registry

Idaho Administrative Procedures Act - Rules Governing TSE:
2021 IDAPA 16, Title 02, Chapter 01 - 16.02.01

Current edition of the Time Sensitive Emergency Standards Manual:
TSE Standards Manual 2020-1

Idaho TSE Council and TSE Regional Committees subject to the Idaho Open Meeting Law:
2017 Idaho Open Meeting Law

Bylaws of the Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency System of Care:
2022 Idaho TSE Council Bylaws