Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency System

The Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency System was created to address the top three preventable causes of death: trauma, stroke, and heart attacks (a.k.a. STEMI). This is a collaborative approach from all stakeholders throughout the state including hospitals, EMS agencies, public health districts, and the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.

About TSE

The Idaho Time Sensitive Emergency (TSE) System is molded on evidence-based care that addresses public education and prevention, 911 access, response coordination, pre-hospital response, transport, hospital emergency/acute care, rehabilitation, and quality improvement. The TSE program creates a seamless transition between each level of care and integrates existing community resources to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.


NEW...2023 TSE Applications
Starting on July 1st, paper applications will only be available for first-time applicants or renewing Trauma Level II and III designations. All other applications can be found online through the IGEMS link located under the Idaho TSE Facility Designations tab. Please contact Program Specialist Maegan Kautz to obtain your login credentials and schedule a 30-minute training webinar.

Stroke (Rehabilitation & Recovery) Website
Inspired by an Idaho stroke survivor, a new web page has been developed for recovering stroke patients and their caregivers. The web page provides multiple resources including support groups, adaptive sports, therapies, and medical supplies. To check out the new site, please visit our Education and Resource page and scroll down to the bottom. Please share it with your colleagues and recovering patients. Contact the TSE program staff if you have a resource you would like added.

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Idaho TSE motto: "Get the right patient, to the right place, at the right time."

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