Maternal Mortality Review Committee

The committee was established to identify, review, and analyze maternal deaths (pregnancy-associated and pregnancy-related) in the state of Idaho.

About the MMRC

The committee is a state level, multidisciplinary committee. It meets at least annually to evaluate abstracted cases from the variety of perspectives of the diverse team.

What it does

The goals of the MMRC are to:

  • Perform a multidisciplinary review of maternal mortality cases
  • Identify trends and risk factors
  • Provide recommendations to guide preventive measures and strategies
  • Disseminate the findings and recommendations to individuals and organizations

How it works

Before the committee meets, a case report is written for the committee members to review. All personal identifying data, such as names of clients, providers, facilities, or communities are removed. No individual providers are identified, nor are individually identified findings released. For each case, the committee will examine a variety of records, including information about hospitalizations, vital statistics, and medical records and autopsy reports. 

The result of the MMRC review process is not intended to imply blame or substitute for institutional or professional peer review. Rather, the review process seeks to learn from and prevent future maternal deaths. 



The death of a woman while pregnant or within one year of the termination of pregnancy, regardless of the cause. 


The death of a woman during pregnancy or within one year of the end of pregnancy, from a pregnancy complication, a chain of events initiated by pregnancy, or the aggravation of an unrelated condition by the physiologic effects of pregnancy.

Committee positions and status

  • Physician who specializes in family medicine - Filled
  • Physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology - Filled
  • Physician who specializes in maternal fetal medicine - Filled
  • Medical examiner/pathologist/physician who conducts autopsies - Filled
  • Physician who specializes in family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, or emergency medicine in a rural setting - Filled
  • Advanced practice professional nurse midwife - Vacant
  • Registered nurse - Filled
  • Midwife - Filled
  • Coroner - Filled
  • Master social worker - Filled
  • Emergency medical services provider - Filled
  • Public health representative with expertise in maternal and child health - Filled
Mother holding young baby
Interested in joining the MMRC?
If you are interested in applying for a vacant position, please complete the application and send it via email or fax.
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