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The Idaho Oral Health Program (IOHP) was established July 1, 1951, at the direction of the Idaho State Dental Association and the Idaho Board of Health to address the issue of poor oral health in children and lack of dental care.  Thanks to multiple sources of funding,
the program has expanded its reach and continues to work with various oral health champions across the state to improve the oral health of Idahoans.

The vision of the IOHP is an Idaho where all are free from oral disease and have access to optimal oral healthcare.  We improve the oral health of Idahoans by planning, implementing, and evaluating programs that prevent oral disease.

What is a state oral health program?

States are charged with monitoring the health of their citizens and promoting proven, cost-effective ways to prevent disease. State oral health programs are critical to the success of state and national oral health improvement efforts.

In Idaho, the state oral health program, is housed in the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Division of Public Health, Bureau of Community and Environmental Health.  The IOHP serves as the primary source of oral health surveillance and community-based oral disease prevention programs.  The IOHP provides the infrastructure essential to create, implement, and evaluate oral health initiatives and specific policies.

What does the Idaho Oral Health Program Do?

The IOHP is responsible for the following dental public health functions:

  • Promote and support prevention services and expand access to affordable dental care.
  • Assess and monitor dental disease rates to document gains and disparities. Visit for more information.
  • Use evidence-based strategies to promote best oral health practices and policies.
  • Create, support, and evaluate evidence-based, community disease prevention initiatives, such as school-based dental sealant programs, fluoride varnish programs, and community water fluoridation.
  • Build both public and private partnerships to promote state and local programs and policies.
  • Assist in developing an adequate and competent oral health workforce.
  • Evaluate effectiveness, availability, and quality of dental public health programs and services.

What services does the Idaho Oral Health Program Provide?

  • The IOHP partners with state and community groups to develop and offer the following services:
  • Systems for collecting, tracking, and reporting oral disease and program information.
  • State and regional oral health improvement plans.
  • Preschool and school-based/linked oral health programs.
  • Community water fluoridation monitoring and reporting.
  • Training and technical assistance.
  • Media and education campaigns to educate the public on oral disease and oral hygiene best practices.




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