From DHW Interim Director Dean Cameron: New Behavioral Health Plan strives for integrated care for Idahoans with serious mental illness and substance use disorder

March 15, 2024
Interim DHW Director Dean Cameron

In July of last year Idaho signed a new Idaho Behavioral Health Plan (IBHP) contract with Magellan Healthcare, Inc, a managed care provider that will provide coverage for the majority of the behavioral health services system of care in Idaho. Changes to services are scheduled to begin in July 2024.

Earlier this week I joined officials from DHW and Magellan for an open house to commemorate this milestone, which aims to improve the behavioral health delivery system to promote recovery and resiliency for Idahoans. 

The new IBHP contract will be a single plan administering medically necessary Medicaid and non-Medicaid covered behavioral health services on behalf of DHW’s divisions of Medicaid and Behavioral Health, and making the same provider network available to the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections.

Under the contract, Magellan will cover behavioral health services for Idahoans with Medicaid and for some without Medicaid. A number of services historically provided through the Division of Behavioral Health will transition to being Medicaid covered services and rendered by providers in Magellan’s provider network. 

What this means for you:

If you have Medicaid and access behavioral health services, you’ll continue to access outpatient behavioral health services through Optum Idaho and any inpatient and residential services through the Idaho Medicaid program directly until Magellan Healthcare becomes the new contractor in July 2024.  At that time your service coverage will be transitioned to Magellan.

If you have Medicaid and want to access behavioral health services, you can access services through the current plan and Idaho Medicaid until the new plan begins. 

If you have access to behavioral health services through the Division of Behavioral Health, you’ll continue to access behavioral health services through your current providers until Magellan Healthcare becomes the new contractor in July 2024. At that time, you’ll need to receive services from an IBHP network provider. Your current provider will give you more information about when this change will take place. 

If you use services at a statewide crisis center or community resource center, there will be no change in accessing crisis or community resource centers when the new IBHP begins. Regional crisis centers will continue to be available to all Idahoans regardless of ability to pay.

Additional resources:

  • For more information about the new IBHP access our website at or Magellan’s website at
  • For eligibility questions, please contact the Division of Self-Reliance at 877-456-1233.
  • For general referrals, please contact the Idaho CareLine at 2-1-1.
  • For questions about the future IBHP or other questions, please email to connect with the IBHP governance bureau.

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