Children's Developmental Disability (DD) Care Providers

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Types of Children's DD Providers

Developmental Disabilities Agencies (DDAs)

DDAs are certified to provide DD Services to children. They can provide both Intervention and Support Services, where intervention can occur in the home, community, and center-based setting. Support Services available through the Children’s Developmental Disabilities (DD) Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) 1915i State Plan Option are:

  • Respite
  • Community Based Supports
  • Family Education
  • Family Directed Services (FDS)

Intervention Services available through the State Plan are:    

  • Habilitative Skill 
  • Behavioral Intervention       
  • Interdisciplinary Training
  • Crisis Intervention      

Independent Providers

Independent Providers can provide respite and intervention services if the provider is qualified and is enrolled as a Medicaid provider. Respite Providers, Intervention Specialists, Intervention Professionals, Evidence-Based Model Intervention Specialists, and Evidence-Based Model Intervention Professionals may become Independent Providers. 

Family Directed Supports (FDS)

The Family Directed Supports option is designed for families who want a more hands-on approach in determining the types of supports their children receive. Those who are enrolled in FDS can hire or contract their own Community Support Worker to provide support services approved on their Support and Spending Plan.

Contacts for Providers of DD Services
Heidi Napier
East Hub
Pete Petersen
North Hub
Sarah Allen
West Hub