Children’s Residential Programs

A children’s residential care facility is a licensed entity that provides 24-hour child care in the absence of the child’s parents. A children’s agency provides child placing services for adoption and foster care. A wilderness program provides a therapeutic outdoor experience. Children’s residential programs are governed by IDAPA 16.06.02.

Licensing process for children’s residential care facilities, children’s agencies and wilderness programs

Step 1:  Complete an application for licensure by using the CRL portal link found on this page. Submit additional documentation for the specific organization application, as identified below:  

        Children’s Residential Care Facility - Initial Application   Renewal Application 

                                                                         Verifications - Fire Safety  Planning and Zoning 

        Children’s Agency - Initial Application  Renewal Application

        Children's Wilderness Program - Initial Application  Renewal Application 

                                                                         Verifications - Fire Safety  Planning and Zoning  

Step 2: Register as an organization with the Department of Health and Welfare's Criminal History Unit to receive an ID for criminal history because all employees accessing or working with children will need to have a Criminal History Enhanced Clearance associated with your organization. 

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Negotiated Rulemaking Information
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CRL Document Submission
Use this application and checklist to become licensed
Additional guidance for application submission

Upon receipt of the application form and application materials, the department will review the materials to determine if the organization has met all of the regulatory requirements and has the necessary systems in place to ensure the implementation of those requirements. The department will notify the organization with a written decision regarding certification. An application is considered complete when all required documents are received and in compliance with rules and regulations.

Additional Information

Programs serving children that may need licensing also includes: group homes, therapeutic boarding schools, non-accredited residential schools, children’s camps, shelters, substance abuse treatment facilities and any other child care services providing 24-hour care. To determine licensure requirements please complete a disclosure report. Submit the completed disclosure report to the CRL email. The Department will review the report and notify you of your licensure requirements.

Children's Residential Licensing

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