Skilled Nursing Provider Resources

Skilled Nursing Provider Resources.

Other resources for nursing facilities

There are many resources available for nursing home facility providers to ensure safe and quality care is possible. Review the information below to become familiar with important considerations as you open and operate your nursing home facility.


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Toolkit for nursing home providers

Below you will find resources that will assist you in operating an effective nursing home facility. 

CMS CMP Reinvestment Program

CMS Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Reinvestment Program Information (Updated 8/25/21):

Idaho facilities wishing to apply for reinvestment program funds must use the CMS forms found on the Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Website.

Examples of useful CMP information from the CMS CMP Website include:

1.  CMP Reinvestment Application Resources

2.  CMP Reinvestment State Plan Resources

3.  CMP Reinvestment Website Frequently Asked Questions

4.  Examples of CMP Projects

5.  CMP Contacts by State

Federal questions regarding the CMP process can be directed to:

State questions regarding the CMP process can be directed to:

Education and update Information