About Extended Employment Services

Extended Employment Services (EES) provide job coaching, transportation to work, and other work services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who qualify for the program.

How to qualify for EES

A person can qualify for EES if they get a referral from the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. To qualify, these three things must be true.

  1. There is a documented disability
  2. There is a need for long-term coaching or work services
  3. There is no other public program that provides job coaching
Young waiter with Down Syndrome speaking with coworker at takeaway restaurant
How to receive EES

A person who qualifies for work supports can apply at the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR). Contact the IDVR office nearest to you. If you do not qualify for other programs at IDVR, your VR counselor could refer you to the EES program.

Contact the EES program
Extended Employment Services

PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0009
United States