About Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

The Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines are designed to assist in guiding children’s development and learning.

Children are active learners who learn through play.

Play is fundamental to a child’s learning. Children learn through experiences and relationships with the people and objects in their world. Experience through play, shared knowledge, curiosity, and sense of wonder are foundations for children’s learning.

Each child learns in unique ways.

Children have unique characteristics that influence learning. The rate of development and learning varies for individuals and is not the same for every child of the same age. Learning may be uneven or occur in spurts. An individual’s learning is impacted by genetics, culture, environment, experiences, interests, motivation, and approaches to learning.

Children receive learning opportunities that support their unique needs in inclusive environments.

All children, who are developing both typically and atypically, are supported with opportunities to grow and learn in inclusive settings in child care, school, and community activities.

Learning is most meaningful when it is integrated across all areas of development.

Children construct knowledge and integrate new ideas and concepts into their existing understanding. Their achievements in language and learning are influenced by the social and emotional aspects of their development. Communication influences mathematical and scientific understanding. There are no clear lines between the domains of development or areas of learning.

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