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Services & Programs

Child and Family Services and Foster Care

We offer a wide range of services to help children in their everyday lives so they grow up to be happy and productive members of our communities.
Report Abuse, Neglect, and Abandonment
Idaho receives nearly 23,000 calls per year of suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Learn what to do if you need to make a report as we answer this and other questions about Idaho’s reporting law.
A parent who is the subject of a child protection report will have a lot of questions when a social worker comes to their home. The goal is to resolve these matters as soon as possible and minimize involvement with your family.
Older Youth and Young Adults
If you are a current or former foster youth between the ages of 14-26, find out what services you may be eligible for.
Foster Parents
A family home is the best place for a child to live. But some parents cannot provide a safe home and, as a result, the child is placed in foster care. Becoming a foster parent means opening your life to a child or sibling group in foster care to provide them with a safe, nurturing home. It is a wonderful and life-changing experience for parent and child alike.
Kinship and Caregiving
If you are a relative or close family friend who is raising someone else’s child, there are resources to support you in this important role.
Information about adoption, whether you are interested in learning more about how to adopt or are adopting a child from foster care.

Other Programs You May Need

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