About the Idaho Child Protection Central Registry

The Idaho Child Protection Central Registry is a list of individuals who have been substantiated for child abuse, neglect, or abandonment. The criteria and guidelines for an incident to be substantiated is in Idaho Administrative Rule. The Child Protection Central Registry is maintained to protect children and vulnerable adults from individuals who have previously been substantiated for abuse, neglect, or abandonment of children. 

The information in the Child Protection Abuse Registry is held confidential and is only disclosed with your consent, as in the situation where you are seeking certain types of employment involving direct contact with children, vulnerable adults, or when required by Idaho law.

Substantiated incidents

Based on Idaho Administrative rule, a social worker will substantiate an incident when one or more of the following apply:

  • The social worker witnessed the abuse or neglect
  • The Child Protective Court determines the child falls under the Child Protective Act due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment
  • The individual admits or confesses to the abuse, neglect or abandonment
  • Physical or medical evidence establishes abuse, neglect, or abandonment has occurred
  • The facts of the assessment establish more likely than not the abuse, neglect or abandonment happened

If none of the above apply, then the incident is unsubstantiated.

When an incident is substantiated it is also assigned a level depending on the severity of the abuse, neglect or abandonment. Levels determine the length of time an individual must remain on the registry before they can request to be removed.

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Requesting removal from the Child Protection Central Registry
Once an individual is on the registry for the required time frame they can request or petition to be removed from the Child Protection Central Registry. A person needs to request removal after their time frame is up; their name is not automatically removed.
Removal instructions in Spanish
Instrucciones para la eliminacion del Registro Central de Proteccion Infantil
Appealing a substantiated decision

You will be notified by certified mail when a decision is substantiated. After you receive this letter, you have 28 days to request an appeal in writing. You can appeal the substantiation, the level, or both. The first step to the appeal is an Administrative Review.

The Administrative Review is conducted in the field office by the division administrator designee for that area. The appeal request and all accompanying documents are reviewed as well as the assessment for the case. A determination is made based on Idaho Statute and Idaho Administrative Code to uphold the decision to substantiate the incident or to reverse the decision and unsubstantiate the incident. A written response will be sent to the appellant within 28 days with the determination.

If the determination is to reverse the decision, nothing else is needed from you. The incident is now unsubstantiated and your name will not appear on the Child Protection Central Registry.

If the determination is to uphold the decision, the next step in the appeal process is to request a Fair Hearing in writing. When your request for Fair Hearing is received, it is sent to the Fair Hearing Unit. Then a telephone hearing is scheduled and the Notice of Scheduling Hearing is sent to the appellant with the details of when and where to call, how to submit exhibits and contact information for questions.

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Requesting a Central Registry Check
To request a Central Registry Check outside of the Background Check Unit