Newborn Hearing Screening

Idaho's newborn hearing screening program is called Idaho Sound Beginnings.

Hearing loss is the most common birth disorder in newborns. It affects how your baby perceives sound and is able to communicate with you and the world. Much can be done if hearing loss is identified early. If you need financial assistance please contact us prior to having any testing done.

Contact Idaho Sound Beginnings if you have questions about newborn hearing screening, diagnostic testing, or Early Intervention. If you need financial assistance, please contact prior to having any testing done.

Idaho Sound Beginnings provides training, technical support, and quality assurance to newborn hearing screening programs in every birthing center in the state.

1-3-6 Guidelines

Following the 1-3-6 Guidelines helps to make sure that children with hearing loss have the language and communication skills necessary to learn when they enter school. Idaho Sound Beginnings ensures that: 

  •  All infants in Idaho are screened for hearing loss by 1 month of age
  • Those that don't pass the screening receive diagnostic testing by 3 months of age
  • Those diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss are enrolled in Early Intervention by 6 months of age
Baby getting a hearing screening
Early Hearing Detection & Intervention
HIPAA Disclosure Form
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EHDI DASH website

The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Data Analysis and Statistical Hub (EHDI DASH website) displays key indicators for Idaho's newborn hearing screening, diagnostic, and intervention data.

These include number of births, percent screened for hearing loss, and percent who have received diagnostic testing within a user-defined time frame.

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