Manage my SNAP

Your benefit programs are renewed periodically through re-evaluations. Re-evaluations are necessary to make sure you qualify to keep receiving benefit services.

Using your SNAP benefits
  • You'll receive your EBT card the first time you apply and are approved.
  • If anything changes with your SNAP, including if you stop receiving benefits for some time, will be automatically reflected on your EBT benefits, so you won't need to get a new card.
  • Report any name changes and change of address right away, because your card might not be accepted at shopping locations if your card information does not match.
  • If you've lost your card, call the FIS card customer service line at 888-432-4328 to request a new card. Local offices will not issue a replacement card.
  • To check your balance on your EBT card, call the number listed on the back of your card 888-432-4328 or go online to
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Questions About EBT Card
To check your balance or get a replacement card, visit our site or call 1-888-432-4328
Reporting Electronically Stolen Food Stamps

Use this form to request reimbursement for Food Stamps that have been stolen electronically.  

Electronically stolen could include:

  • Telephone/text scamming (when someone contacts you claiming to be from an authorized organization to trick you into giving your information)
  • Skimming (when someone steals your benefits from a point-of-sale or ATM machine)
  • Cloning (when someone copies your card information onto another without your knowledge)

*Do not use this form if your physical EBT card is lost or stolen. Call the FIS card customer service line at 888-432-4328 to request a new card as local offices will not issue a replacement card.

Stolen Food Stamps form
Reporting changes

You are responsible for reporting any changes to your household circumstances that may impact your eligibility to receive benefit services, or the amount of benefits you receive. 

Let us know when:

  • Name changes
  • Address changes
  • Someone joins or leaves the household
  • Marital status changes
  • Someone in your household gets a new Social Security Number
  • End of pregnancy
  • Student status changes
  • Earned/ unearned income increases to over the program income limit
  • Someone wins more than $3,500 from the lottery or gaming
  • Someone who is aged 18-49 and does not have children in their household begins working fewer than 20 hours per week
Report a Change Online
Log in or create an idalink account to report changes online.
Change Report Form
Submit this form only when you have a change to report
Adding or removing household member

Let us know if a household member is moving in or out of your household. In order to add someone to your household, we will need information about the individual; their income, resources, and expenses; and will need verification of some of these details.

If a household member is moving out of Idaho we must end their participation in Idaho before they can receive benefits in another state.

Add a Person form
Required participation

In order to receive SNAP benefits, you may be required to participate in work related activities and to cooperate with Child Support Services. 

Learn more about work activities on our Employment and Training page.

Learn more about Child Support Services on our Child Support page.

Required re-evaluations

When receiving SNAP, you are required to re-evaluate periodically. When your household is due for recertification, the Department will notify you and provide you with the necessary forms required to complete the process.