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On May 29-31, 2024, diverse partners, including healthcare, public health, community advocacy, government, academia, and multicultural leaders from across Idaho, will unite in a collaborative effort with a shared mission to promote, protect, and improve the overall health and wellbeing of all Idahoans. The conference will focus on improving population health through strategic alliances and elevating the voices of disproportionately affected communities.


Join us this spring







In partnerships and key initiatives, fostering unity among diverse leaders to address and overcome disparities within Idaho's communities.

Discover new and creative ways to address the various health challenges faced by the communities that make up Idaho, including diverse cultures, generations, and those living in rural or remote areas.

Empower and uplift voices within disproportionately affected communities, igniting a shared commitment to positive change and inspiring collective efforts towards a healthier Idaho.


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About the Idaho Health Priorities Conference
Join us for a truly unique experience as we collaborate in a shared mission to improve population health through strategic alliances and elevating the voices of our disproportionately affected communities.
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In Boise, Idaho, you can explore the downtown area with its unique shops and delicious local eateries.

Three days


day one


day two


day three

The first day of the conference will connect attendees through immersive learning opportunities, participants will be rooted in the health disparities affecting Idahoans. 

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Participants will hear innovative best practices from leaders serving and representing Idaho’s communities. Be prepared to be inspired, encouraged, and engaged!

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The last day of the conference is designed to facilitate a roundtable discussion centered around health priorities. These discussions will allow participants to share their successes, challenges, and community-driven solutions for improving the health of all Idahoans. Participants will leave with a revived commitment to innovative change! Learn more.


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Exhibitor Information
Be a part of the first event of its kind in Idaho! Connect and build relationships with attendees who are looking for transformational solutions for better serving our disproportionally affected communities!
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Meet our Keynote and Capnote Speakers!
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